Dates available for Single Guns

Bodnant Mainly Pheasants with a few Partridges

DatesPegsBag£ per Peg
Monday 14th October 20193/9150730
Monday 28th October 20195/92501195
Tuesday 12th November 20196/93001400
Saturday 23rd November 20195/92501195
Thursday 12th December 20197/93001400
Saturday 21st December 20196/92501195
Thursday 2nd January 20204/9200975
Thursday 16th January 20204/9150730

Wappenshall Partridge only with Pheasants from November

DatePegsBag£ per Peg
Saturday 14th September 20195100410
Saturday 28th September 20191150610
Friday 4th October 20195150610
Saturday 26th October 20199125510
Thursday 14th November 20195150610
Saturday 30th November 20195100410
Saturday 14th December 20199100410
Monday 30th December 20195100410

Dates available for Full Teams

Bodnant Mainly Pheasants with a few Partridges

DateBag£ per Day
Friday 18th October 2019200£8775
Monday 21st October 2019250£10755
Monday 4th November 2019300£12600
Tuesday 12th November 2019300£12600
Tuesday 19th November 2019250£10755
Monday 25th November 2019300£12600
Friday 29th November 2019250£10755
Tuesday 3rd December 2019300£12600
Monday 16th December 2019300£12600

Wappenshall Partridge only with Pheasants from November

DateBag£ per Day
Saturday 21st September 2019150£5490
Tuesday 24th September 2019150£5490
Wednesday 16th October 2019125£4590
Tuesday 22nd October 2019125£4590
Saturday 26th October 2019125£4590
Tuesday 26th November 2019125£4590
Thursday 5th December 2019100£3690
Wednesday 18th December 2019100£3690