Bodnant is a strikingly beautiful estate in North Wales rising above the lower reaches of the Conwy Valley. The estate extends to 5000 acres in total with the shoot utilising the very best of the dramatic topography for showing high pheasants and partridges. Bags are in the region of 200-300 birds with some smaller days from mid-January.

With 500 acres of mature native woodland, the shoot is undergoing serious development in the coming years to realise its potential. Twelve additional drives will be created for the 2019 season based on well sited game crops and previously unshot woods.

Easily accessible along the A55 and less than an hour from Chester, guns meet in the relaxing environment of Bodnant Welsh Food for coffee and briefing. Lunch is taken at Heather House an Edwardian Shooting Lodge in the heart of the estate.

Given the beauty of Snowdonia there are no shortage of superb hotels in the local area with plenty more to see and do should you wish to extend your stay.

Bodnant Single Gun Vacancies

DatesPegsBag£ per Peg
Thursday 22nd October 20204150730
Tuesday 10th November 202092501195
Tuesday 24th November 202093001400


Bodnant Full Team Vacancies

DateBag£ per Day
Wednesday 4th November 2020300£12600
Saturday 14th November 2020300£12600
Saturday 21st November 2020300£12600
Wednesday 9th December 2020300£12600
Saturday 12th December 2020250£10755
Friday 18th December 2020250£10755
Monday 28th December 2020250£10755
Monday 4th January 2021250£10755
Tuesday 19th January 2021200£8775