Our home shoot is located in East Shropshire, a short distance from the large hill known as The Wrekin.

The shoot is principally known for its partridges and aims to replicate the glory days of driven partridge shooting; small fields and high hedges with coveys bursting across the line testing the confidence and ability of guns.

From 2018 we will be increasing the emphasis on Grey Partridges now that we have once again managed to source native stock. There will be an increase in the numbers of Grey coveys on the ground and a reduction in pheasant numbers. Redlegs will remain the mainstay of the sport.

We offer driven partridge shooting from September with pheasants from late October. Bags are available in the region of 100-150 birds with some smaller days in January.

Guns meet for coffee in the farmhouse, elevenses are taken in the field with Berry Gins and canapes. Lunch is a short drive to The Pheasant in Admaston. The day ends with tea back at the farmhouse.

Wappenshall Single Guns Vacancies

DatePegsBag£ per Peg
Tuesday 2nd October 20183/9150£495
Friday 12th October 20182/9150£610
Tuesday 16th October 20185/980£290
Friday 19th October 20185/9100£410
Monday 5th November 20184/980£290
Thursday 22nd November 20185/9100£410
Saturday 1st December 20184/9150£610
Saturday 15th December 20181/9150£610
Saturday 29th December 20184/9125£510
Tuesday 3rd January 20195/9100£410
Saturday 12th January 20192/9100£410


Wappenshall Full Team Vacancies

DateBag£ per Day
Tuesday 9th October 2018100£3690
Tuesday 23rd October 2018100£3690
Thursday 15th November 201880£2610
Tuesday 27th November 2018100£3690
Tuesday 8th January 2019100£3690