Our home shoot is based at Wappenshall which lies outside Telford in East Shropshire, a short distance from the large hill known as The Wrekin.

We offer driven partridge shooting from September with pheasants from late October. Bags are available between 100 -150 birds with some smaller days in January.

Almost uniquely the shoot offers guns the chance to shoot both Grey and Red-legged Partridges. It evokes the glory days of driven partridge shooting; small fields and high hedges, deliberately managed to allow coveys to burst across the line testing the confidence and ability of guns. With 90 acres of game and forage crops and swathes of overwintered stubbles this is true partridge country. Our Chinese and Kansas pheasants are renowned for their high flying, and are shown from a number of game crops and from traditional woodland.

The shoot was featured in the Shooting Times magazine during November 1995 which stated; ‘’Jonathan Crow has created some quite astonishingly good drives. The land is farmed in sympathy with wildlife and particularly with partridges in mind. It is what a successful partridge shoot should be.’’